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UniBieger® model T&XL

UniBieger® model T&XL

Traufenkanter & Traufenschließer in einem.

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• Weltweit versicherter Versand
• Premium Qualität
• Made in Austria 🇦🇹

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Product Details

These models were specially developed for use on the eaves; thanks to the cranked handles , this operation is also possible with the gutter installed.

Material & Weight:

The Unibieger® is made exclusively from rust-resistant materials.

With a weight of 2-3kg, the work can be done effortlessly.

UniBieger® 420T

For a coil width of 500mm.

Working width: 420 mm

Folding cover: 22mm/35mm

Weight: 2.1kg/2.3kg

UniBieger® 520T

For a coil width of 600mm.

Working width: 520 mm

Folding cover: 22mm/35mm

Weight: 2.5kg/2.7kg

UniBieger® 570T

For the entire width of the folding track.

Working width: 570 mm

Folding cover: 22mm/35mm

Weight: 2.7kg/2.9kg

Shipping Details

All orders are shipped insured.

Delivery time:

DE/AT: 3-5 working days

CH: 5-7 working days

EU: 5-7 working days

International: 10-14 business days

Made in Austria 🇦🇹

The UniBieger® is a 100% Austrian product, from its development through production to storage and shipping.

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The future of the eaves finish on the standing seam track.

  • Saves you as an entrepreneur a lot of time and money .
  • Provides consistent , reproducible top quality of the fold.
  • Can be used by every assistant .
  • Prevents capillary damage through its technology.
  • All components 100% rust-resistant .
  • Patented 2-axis deflection system.
  • A quality product, Made in Austria

Patented 2-axis deflection system

The sizes at a glance

The UniBieger® is available in all common folding sheet sizes. Optimum quality with just one operation. Can also be produced in other sizes as a special order upon request.

Testimonial Example
"Sie werden überrascht sein, wieviel Arbeitszeit Sie sich bei der Bearbeitung von Blechbahnen durch den UniBieger® sparen können."
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Ing. Andreas Tscheinig, CEO Tscheina GmbH - UniBieger®

UniBieger®: Why quality has its price

The UniBieger® is a masterpiece of Austrian craftsmanship - from development to shipping. This unique tool combines eaves edgers and eaves closers in one efficient work step. The high product price not only reflects first-class quality, but also the decision to keep all production steps in Austria. Through this regional focus, we not only guarantee short delivery routes, but also minimal use of resources and maximum productivity.

  • 2 year guarantee

    We are totally impressed with our UniBieger®, which is why we offer you a 2-year guarantee.

  • Worldwide insured shipping

    Each of our packages is sent with insured shipping, so you don't have to worry about your package.

  • UniBieger®

    Efficiency at the highest level.

frequently asked Questions

What differentiates the UniBieger® from conventional tools?

The UniBieger® replaces 2 tools that are used for this work process: the eaves edger and the eaves closer. Its low weight (approx. 50% less than comparable tools) makes it the optimal tool for processing sheet metal.

What about the processing quality and longevity of the Unibieger®?

The UniBieger® is a high-quality tool made of rust-resistant materials. In addition to a 2-year guarantee, we also offer every component as a spare part - so you can enjoy the UniBieger® for many years.

Is it difficult to learn how to use the UniBieger®?

No, due to its ease of use, the bending process can also be easily carried out by personnel without specific training.

This means you can always ensure the same and reproducible bending quality for your company.

Do I need any additional tools for the folding process on the sheet metal?

The UniBieger® replaces the 2 tools that are usually used for this work step: the eaves edger and the eaves closer.

Can the sheet metal be damaged when using the Unibieger®?

No - when used correctly, the Unibieger® leaves no traces during the folding process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Roofmax s.r.o
UniBieger I love this tool

The UniBieger is the best Tool for working on the eaves. Attach 1 tool and the job is done.👍

Spenglerei Burtscher
Cooles Tool 😎

Sicher eines der coolsten Tools die ich am Blechdach je verwendet hab. 1x ansetzen - zack fertig ☑️

Top Werkzeug

Auch von uns eine top 🔝 Bewertung


Super Werkzeug
Seit ein paar Jahren im Einsatz
Loht sich bei jedem Stehfalzdach

Flaschnerei Timo Mayer

Metal Cladding standing seam

It is a great tool to have on site or the work shop for a clean crisp line after the bending process