The application in 6 steps

The use of the UniBieger® is very simple and can be carried out by any worker without any prior knowledge.
The steps are explained simply using the following 6 pictures.

Step 1

Preparation and positioning

The UniBieger® is positioned in the appropriate width on the sheet metal sheet to be bent.

step 2

Attach to the sheet metal sheet

Attach the UniBieger® to the prepared sheet metal sheet.

step 3

Clamping the sheet metal sheet

The upper handle is raised until the material is clamped.

Step 4

Folding the standing seam sheet

The clamped sheet metal is bent into the final position via the second axis.

The fold is finished after this step.

Step 5

Folding the lower handle

By lifting the lower handle, the UniBieger® opens again.

Step 6

Removing from the sheet metal sheet

The UniBieger® is removed from the fold - the folding process is completed.