Frequently asked Questions:

What differentiates the UniBieger® from conventional tools?

The UniBieger® replaces 2 tools that are used for this work process: the eaves edger and the eaves closer. Its low weight (approx. 50% less than comparable tools) makes it the optimal tool for processing sheet metal.

What about the processing quality and longevity of the Unibieger®?

The UniBieger® is a high-quality tool made of rust-resistant materials. In addition to a 2-year guarantee, we also offer every component as a spare part - so you can enjoy the UniBieger® for many years.

Is it difficult to learn how to use the UniBieger®?

No, due to its ease of use, the bending process can also be easily carried out by personnel without specific training.

This means you can always ensure the same and reproducible bending quality for your company.

Do I need any additional tools for the folding process on the sheet metal?

The UniBieger® replaces the 2 tools that are usually used for this work step: the eaves edger and the eaves closer.

Can the sheet metal be damaged when using the Unibieger®?

No - when used correctly, the Unibieger® leaves no traces during the folding process.