Eave Canter and Eave Closer in One

The UniBieger® Is a tool that the Two conventional tools Eave Canter + Eave Closer Replaced.

The eaves finish is equipped with A single tool carried out in one work step.

That Saves You when installing standing seam panels Lots of time and money. Always the same Quality that the specialist And the Kunde appreciates.

Available in all standard widths.

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UniBieger pliers and eaves edger
pliers with included eaves edger

The benefits are amazing

Save time icon

Save a lot of time

The folding process at the end of the eaves is done in one step - this saves you a lot of time and money when working.

Icon more Quality

Deliver better quality

The UniBieger is available in the most common widths of folding sheets, meaning that every end of a sheet metal web is reproducible in top quality.

Icon Simple to Use

Make work easier

Working on an eave closure is extremely easy with the UniBieger and can even be carried out by an inexperienced worker.

You too can change the speed when processing sheet metal

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An overview of the top sellers

The UniBieger is the perfect tool for all plumbers, roofers and sheet metal workers

Eaves canter
Sold out soon
UniBieger 570T

UniBieger 570T

Our top seller, a tool for the entire width of the folding web in one easy step.
working width
570 mm
Sold out soon
K25 notching pliers

K25 notching pliers

The Malco notching pliers are the perfect addition to any university bender. With just two small steps, the end of each sheet metal sheet is perfectly prepared for use with the university bender.
working width
Eaves canter
Sold out soon
UniBieger 420T

UniBieger 420T

The classic of our T models for a track width of 500 mm.
working width
420 mm

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

What distinguishes the UniBieger from conventional tools?
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The UniBieger replaces 2 tools that are used for this work process: the Eave canter and the eave closer

Due to its low weight (approx. 50% less than comparable tools), it is the ideal tool for processing sheet metal.

What about the workmanship and durability of the Unibender?
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The UniBieger is a high-quality tool made of rust-resistant materials. In addition to a 2-year warranty, we also offer every component as a spare part - so you can enjoy the UniBieger for many years.

Is it difficult to learn how to use the UniBieger?
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No, due to its ease of use, the bending process can also be easily carried out by personnel without specific training.

In this way, you can always guarantee the same and reproducible bending quality for your company.If you want

Do I need any other tools for the folding process on the sheet metal sheet?
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The UniBieger replaces the 2 tools that are usually used for this process: the eaves canter and the eave closer.

Can the sheet metal be damaged when used with the Unibender?
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No - when used correctly, the Unibender leaves no traces during the folding process.

Are there any unanswered questions? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

“You will be surprised how much working time you can save when processing sheet metal sheets with UniBieger®.”
Andreas Tscheinig UniBieger

Ing. Andreas Tscheinig

CEO, tscheina GmbH - the UniBieger

Highest quality made in Austria

From development to production, storage and shipping, the UniBieger® is a 100% Austrian product.

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